• 2021’s Trending Bathroom Designs

  • Freshen up the look of your bathroom with natural elements. // @sunnycirclestudio via Instagram

  • Let’s talk bathroom renovations. It’s true that, on average, homeowners spend more on renovating kitchens than bathrooms, but that doesn’t discount the importance of bathrooms to your home’s overall aesthetic. It makes up a good portion of the “design footprint” for the home because most homes have multiple bathrooms. It’s also a good idea to start with the bathroom if your budget is small as bathroom renovations are generally less expensive than those in the kitchen. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest bathroom design trends going on in 2021!  

    The Natural Wood Look 

    Contrary to rapidly advancing technology, there has been a trend to invite more nature into the home. For cabinets, an unpainted or unfinished look has been popular. Unpainted cabinets allow the natural grain of the wood to show through, giving the bathroom an organic appearance.  

    If you do not want your cabinets to have an unfinished look, there are other ways to bring the natural wood look into your bathroom. Try putting up wood shelves or using wooden bath accessories such as traystrash cans, or bath mats.  

    Floating Vanity  

    floating vanity looks as it sounds, appearing to “float” because the bottom does not rest on the ground. But instead, it is suspended off the wall with special hardware. Floating vanities look modern and make your bathroom look bigger because of the negative space created at the bottom.  

    Even though it may appear as if there’s less storage space in a floating vanity, it often offers more efficient storage than a standard non-floating one. A typical standard vanity has double cabinet doors that open to reveal one large open space intercepted by plumbing in the middle, which requires some clever organization to work around. However, many floating vanities (like this one) include drawers that have cutouts for pipes for maximum storage efficiency.  

    Additionally, because it does not rest on the floor, you can easily clean the space below it rather than having to get in the nooks and crannies at the bottom of a non-floating vanity. For the same reason, it’s also less susceptible to water damage as water cannot pool around the bottom. This is helpful for families with kids who like to splash!  

    Round and Asymmetrical Mirrors  

    Another up-and-coming trend for 2021 is the use of asymmetrical (i.e. see how this mirror from West Elm is used in the bathroom) or unconventional mirror shapes such as round or oval. Doing so creates a modern, “artsy” look. It brings a lot of visual interest to the overall appearance of the bathroom because of the raw shape and dynamic movement.  

    Black Hardware and Fixtures 

    Move over, standard chrome and brushed nickel! Because black is the new black when it comes to bathroom hardware and fixtures. Specifically, matte black has been a very popular choice in bathroom renovations and new construction. It’s very versatile and works for many design styles ranging from modern to traditional, depending on the style of the fixture you choose. Black as a neutral color works well with the other colors of the bathroom. This finish may be a bit more expensive, but black is a timeless color that will never go out of style!  

    Combination of Organic and Modern  

    A typical tiled bathroom can look cold and modern bathrooms can look even colder. To make modern designs more inviting, natural wood (as mentioned above) and greenery can be brought in. As for greenery, we’ve been seeing many clever ways plants are incorporated including plants that hang off the ceiling, a living wall, and even an interior courtyard. These botanical additions can make the bathroom appear warm and spa-like.  

    Could Your Bathroom Use a Bit of Upgrading? 

    Bring in the new with a new look for your bathroom! We can help with all your bathroom renovation needs, from changing fixtures to a full-scale bathroom do-over. We will create a bathroom that is both practical to use and beautiful to look at. Contact us today for an estimate!