• 5 Ways to Go Green In Your Home Just in Time for Earth Day

  • Earth Day is April 22nd, so let’s celebrate by finding some smart and easy ways to go green in your home this year. These ideas go beyond recycling, and offer suggestions you just might be able to implement all  year long. So who’s ready to make a change with us?!

    1. Cut out using paper & plastic

    This is easier than you think! Go paperless when it comes to your bills, cancel your newspaper subscription, and put a stop to unsolicited mail. You can also commit to reusable grocery bags. (Translation find a way to not forget them when you go to the store!) What about all that paper laying around from school projects? Re-use it for fun coloring or art projects. Try these things and you’ll not only save money, but your sanity by making your life easier.

    2. Shop & Eat Local

    Reduce your carbon footprint by planting a vegetable garden. There are many benefits to planting your own garden. It creates a more diverse and healthy, vitamin packed diet, saves you money, and is time spent as a family outdoors tending and harvesting fresh produce. When you do shop, buy from local stores that source food within a 100 miles of your home. And don’t forget to hit up your local farmers’ market for fresh, seasonal options.

    3. Leave the car in the garage

    For pretty much the cost of filling up your gas tank each month, you could buy a new bike. Consider walking or riding bikes to school with the kids each day, shop in local shops that are close to home, or try taking public transit to work or to run errands. The benefits of walking and biking for you and your family are huge, on top of being environmentally conscious. You can go green in your home while improving your overall health.

    4. Change when you run your appliances

    There is a time and place for everything, even running your appliances. Knowing the difference can save you money and cut down on the impact on the environment. Some tips include: reducing the temperature on your water heater, don’t run appliances during peak times (wash those clothes after 7 pm!), or even consider hanging your laundry outside to dry…especially those things that take a long time to dry such as sheets and comforters.

    5. Clean naturally

    Think of it this way, if you have to wear gloves to use it, you should probably throw it out. There are many green-friendly cleaning products on the market today that will keep your house clean and germ free by using all-natural ingredients. You can even go really simple and use regular household items such as lemon and vinegar to clean.