• A Bathroom Makeover You Can Do This Year

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  • The idea of a renovation may sound intimidating to many homeowners. But with many of us spending more time at home, now may be the perfect time to embark on a long-awaited project.  A full bathroom renovation takes some imagination, planning, and waiting, which some just don’t have time for. With that said, here are some things you can do to your bathroom to quickly refresh its look with minimal effort and create a space that is both luxurious and practical.

    Light It Up 

    Replace generic fixtures with something that has a little more personality. If you have the infamous “boob lights”, try a flush-mount alternative. Whether modern, vintage, or whimsical, there are many out there to suit your style. So don’t settle for builder-grade!

    Additionally, those vintage-style light bulbs may be tempting, but are actually too dim and warm to work for most bathrooms. For adequate lighting, choose a bulb that is bright and close to daylight to give you the clearest image of yourself in the mirror. We suggest dimmable lighting installed on the ceiling and daylight bulbs above or around the mirror. Here are some light bulbs that are recommended for use in the bathroom.

    Install a New Vanity 

    Installing a new bathroom vanity actually takes less time than one might think. A professional can install a new bathroom vanity in less than a day. There are many styles of vanities out there, some with lots of drawer space and others with open shelves. Countertops can be purchased separately to mix and match. 

    For couples who tend to get ready in the morning and/or go to bed at around the same time, double sinks are a must if you have enough space to accommodate them. It will really help make mornings and bedtime more efficient, especially for those with only one bathroom. 

    However, be aware that vanities are constructed from different types of materials. Those with a small budget can choose a material like particle board or medium density fiberboard (MDF). However, these cheaper materials may not react as well with the high humidity levels of a bathroom and wear down more quickly, resulting in higher costs in the long run. The ideal type of wood for a vanity is plywood because moisture does not cause it to swell. It’s actually better than solid wood, which may warp in humid environments. 

    For countertops, some materials are more stain-resistant than others. For those who intend to color their hair or do their makeup in the bathroom, a solid light-colored countertop may not be the best choice as it is prone to staining. Choose a darker countertop with lots of varied inclusions, such as the selection available here, which can be helpful in hiding stains. Materials such as quartz and granite are more stain-resistant than cheaper options such as laminate and Formica.

    Reface Those Cabinets

    If changing out the entire vanity seems too daunting, consider cabinet refacing. Cabinet refacing involves changing the exterior appearance of the cabinets and drawers while keeping the existing structure intact. You can change the color of the door with cabinet painting or even the entire door if you desire a new door style. Finishing touches are added with new cabinet knobs and pulls. 

    Add a Backsplash or Accent Wall

    Having an accent wall can give a pop of color and add interest to your bathroom. You can either paint it a different color that is complementary to the theme of your bathroom, install wallpaper, or add a tiled backsplash which creates texture. 

    Not all paints are created equal and that’s an important thing to consider for bathrooms. Unless marked mildew-resistant and specially formulated for bathrooms, matte/flat paints are generally not recommended due to moisture which can cause it to crack and peel. Semi-gloss and glossy paints have more resin and binders which act as sealants that make the paint more durable and moisture-resistant. 

    Wallpaper is another great way to dress up your walls. Wallpaper murals can transform your bathroom into a relaxing oasis. However, make sure you don’t install wallpaper in areas which regularly come in direct contact with water. Adequate ventilation helps prolong the life of wallpaper. 

    Adding in a backsplash is actually quite simple. Many tiles are peel-and-stick that don’t require any additional adhesive. Brick and subway tile are very popular, but other geometric patterns also exist in many trendy colors. 

    Renew and Redecorate 

    Lastly, if any type of renovation sounds too much to handle right now, then start with the decor. If you have a tub, we recommend starting with the shower curtain which can definitely make a statement. Try a custom shower curtain that can be personalized to your liking. Then choose bathroom accessories (trays, bathmats, dispensers, canisters, etc.) that match the color and design of the shower curtain. 

    Additionally, adding a plant can really refresh the space. It brings some greenery and natural beauty into your bathroom. Terrain has a great selection of fresh and faux plants. 

    Also, stores like Hobby Lobby, World Market, Anthropologie, and Etsy sell a large selection of drawer pulls and knobs that you can change out yourself. This small change can make a world of difference to the overall look of your bathroom! 

    Need Additional Bathroom Makeover Tips? 

    Working with professionals who have an eye for design and also know the technical side of renovations is crucial to a successful remodel. That’s where we come in. Tell us what your vision is and we can help bring it to life!