• Aesthetic and Functional Kitchenware to Complement Your Updated Space

  • Congratulations on your recent kitchen renovation! If you still think your space is missing the finishing touch, we think it may be your kitchenware. Many of us are probably still using the same set of old pots and pans from 15+ years ago. And unwilling to let it go because despite its unsightly appearance, “it still works.” But do you know what will really highlight those new cabinets and countertops? A brand-new set! Below are some brands and options we recommend and more!  

    Our Place Cookware 

    Characteristics – Modern, bohemian, warm, earthy 

    You may have seen an ad or two from this company. Our Place was founded with a mission to share the joys of cooking with friends and family. Most of their offerings come in multiple attractive color options. Their bestselling product is their multi-purpose Always Pan that claims to do everything from frying to baking. Our preference lies with the cast iron version of this pan which is more durable than the original non-stick ceramic version.  

    One of their newest products is a countertop oven called the Wonder Oven . It is another product meant to tackle multiple types of cooking techniques including air frying. Judging from its appearance alone, it is certainly an elevated version of your run-of-the mill toaster oven. It is a small appliance you would not mind displaying on your shiny, brand-new countertop. It has also received some great reviews from users, praising the unit’s steam infusion technology which cooks up food that is crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.  

    The cast-iron version of Our Place’s best-selling Always Pan in the color “Spice“. // Our Place 

    Caraway Kitchen Products 

    Characteristics – Opulent, rich, modern 

    Caraway is another popular company for aesthetic cookware. Their business model is to create beautiful non-stick cookware without Teflon, what most non-stick cookware is made from, and some claim is harmful when exposed to hot temperatures.  

    Like Our Place, their top-selling pans are made of non-stick ceramic. They also make stainless steel versions as well for those who do not care for non-stick cookware. An eye-catching product is their whistling tea kettle. It is one of the most beautiful tea kettles you can find on the market today (and yes, it is available with gold accents, too!) The lid is extra secure, so it will not pop open when pouring boiling hot water.  

    Another customer favorite is the color-coordinated bakeware, which comes with its own storage rack. No more fussing over how to store these properly!  

    Caraway teakettles come in a variety of colors. // Caraway 

    Le Creuset  

    Characteristics – Durable, stylish, traditional  

    Compared to brands like Our Place and Caraway, Le Creuset is a more tried-and-true kitchen brand with a good reputation in terms of product quality and longevity. The company was founded in France in 1925 and touts itself as being a “pioneer in colorful cookware”.  

    Le Creuset’s most popular product is without a doubt, their iconic Dutch ovens. We’ve seen this piece of cookware used by home cooks to professional chefs alike. It can roast, bake, fry, slow-cook and more. If you are looking for a timeless kitchen staple, a Le Creuset Dutch oven would be worth the splurge.  

    Le Creuset‘s time-tested collection of Dutch ovens will complete any kitchen. // Le Creuset 

    Café Small Appliances 

    Characteristics – High-quality, luxury 

    Café has a line of small appliances that is an exact match to their immensely popular major appliances including an espresso machine, a coffee maker, countertop oven, and toaster. They pride themselves in their smart technology, which allows users to control the appliances via a mobile app. Café is likely the most accessible type of “luxury” appliances in the market today.  

    Smart features from these Café small appliances separates itself from competitors. // Café 


    Characteristics – Aesthetic, high-tech  

    Don’t neglect the other smaller necessities in the kitchen. Simplehuman’s mission is as it sounds — making life easier for people using technology. Their product color palette is neutral, so it will play well with every home aesthetic.  

    We are big fans of their automatic soap dispensers which bring the freedom of hands-free dispensing inside the home. These soap dispensers recharge with the included USB cable and last 6 months per charge. They created a larger, dual dispenser option specifically for use in the kitchen to dispense dish liquid and hand soap. There is a selection of liquid soap available for purchase on their website, but you can most definitely use your own brand of soap.  

    The trash can is one of the last things people think of when it comes to aesthetics, but it is a vital component to the overall look, especially if you do not have a pull-out version. Simplehuman creates beautiful trash cans in many varied sizes. They have single and dual kitchen trashcans (designed for trash and recycling). And of course, they also have an automatic open/close version to go along with the hands-free operation of their dispenser.  

    To round out your kitchen arsenal, they also have two versions of paper towel holders available. One is a wall mount, which is great for people who want to save counter space and mount in a cabinet or on the wall. The other option is one that comes integrated with a spray bottle at its core. This makes it a portable solution for cleaning up anywhere around the house. 

    A beautiful matte black trashcan and soap dispenser compliments the matte black fixtures of this kitchen. // Simplehuman 

    Curio Home Goods 

    Characteristics – Luxury, modern 

    Curio is brand new to the luxury cleaning accessories market. The company would like to make everyday life more enjoyable by elevating mundane items. To be honest, we had never seen luxury dishwashing accessories until we came across Curio’s products. Their initial offering is a set of magnetic dishwashing brushes that are made with stainless steel handles. These come in four color options that match perfectly with Simplehuman products.  

    There is a lot more in the works for this company in the coming months, so stay tuned and follow them on social media to get first dibs! 

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    Up-and-coming luxury home goods brand Curio makes doing your chores a more enjoyable experience. // Curio Home Goods 

    Still Need that New Kitchen? 

    Before you bring in any extras, step one is to renovate the kitchen. There’s still plenty of time to get started on making your dream kitchen a reality in 2024. With tax refunds on the way, there’s no better time than now to reach out to the pros to get an estimate!