• All About Kitchen Layouts

  • Many homeowners find that their kitchen may not be the ideal layout for their space. Because our lifestyles have changed over the years, this may especially hold true for older homes.  

    A kitchen renovation begins with the right blueprint or layout. This ensures that your kitchen is not only beautiful but also functional. Below is some information about the six most common kitchen layouts. 

    L-Shaped Kitchen 

    This kitchen layout works for larger spaces, but it is a very popular choice for apartments and rental units. It is ideal for compact spaces because one can easily establish a work triangle, which consists of the refrigerator, sink, and stove. It also allows for a good number of cabinets for storage. The only issue with this design is that there is a “dead space” in the corner where one may need to maximize storage due to the unconventional shape.  

    A modern L-shaped kitchen with a corner sink. // The Spruce

    U-Shaped Kitchen  

    An enhanced version of the L-shaped kitchen, the U-shaped kitchen has an extra side. This design works for big and smaller kitchens, but it is best for larger spaces, especially with the addition of a kitchen island. A small and narrow U-shaped kitchen can potentially feel a little tight because due to the enclosed space with only one entry/exit point. Like the L-shaped kitchen, you may have to think of creative storage solutions for the corner cabinets.  

    A modern U-shaped kitchen with an appliance wall. // Cut to Size

    G-Shaped Kitchen  

    The G-shape is another common layout seen in apartment kitchens. It is essentially an extended version of the U-shaped kitchen and includes the addition of a peninsula for serving food. Like the U-shaped kitchen, this layout has the potential of feeling less than roomy. If made too narrow, the kitchen may feel enclosed, and a tight single exit/entry point may cause traffic jams.  

    A contrasting monochromatic G-shaped kitchen with a peninsula. // GNH Lumber

    Single-Wall Kitchen 

    A single-wall or straight kitchen is absent of a true kitchen work triangle. It is best for smaller spaces because there could be a lot of walking to do if built in a very long space with a great distance between each station. The plus side is that, with this layout, you will not run into the problem of awkward corner storage.  

    A dark kitchen built on one wall. // Oppein Home

    Galley Kitchen 

    This kitchen layout is ideal for narrow rooms. Also known as the parallel kitchen — cabinets and counter space are located on opposite walls. This kitchen shape has roots in a ship’s kitchen, which is called a galley. As you can imagine, this kind of kitchen is ideal for a ship’s long layout. A true galley kitchen is completely parallel and without any corners, but we’ve also seen long, and narrow U-shaped layouts called galley kitchens.  

    A natural wood galley kitchen with a concealed refrigerator, oven, and dishwasher. // Corinthian Fine Homes 

    Kitchen with an Island 

    Interior designers love mixing, matching, and creating custom kitchen layouts. A common way to do this is to add a kitchen island to one of the plans mentioned above.  

    This parallel kitchen with island layout is popular in the main kitchens of open-concept and/or larger homes. It is a parallel kitchen that makes a focal point of the kitchen island that typically includes either a sink or cooking range. It is great for entertaining as there are two entry/exit points. The kitchen island is typically quite large and may include a sitting area.  

    An alternative to this idea is an L-shaped kitchen with an island. It follows a similar concept and works well for larger spaces. Some luxury kitchens even feature double islands, which makes it spacious for guests.  

    A large kitchen with a unique layout featuring double islands. // Luxe Source 

    A Kitchen Built with Form and Function 

    The Cabinet Doctors specializes in creating aesthetic and well-thought-out kitchens to fit the needs of each family or individual. Whether you desire to create a kitchen for entertainment or a kitchen that maximizes storage space, or both…we can pick the kitchen layout that is right for you. Contact us or get a free estimate for more details!  

    Featured Image: HGTV