• Design and Renovation Trends We’re Excited About for 2024

  • A new year brings new ideas! 2024 is ideal for a home remodeling project because experts are predicting that inflation will finally stabilize and level out by the end of the year. In case you need inspiration for your home renovation goals, here are some design trends we’ll see a lot of in the coming year! 

    Smart Home Features Continue to Advance  

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is undoubtedly the most talked-about trend in technology this year. It seems that many companies are adopting some form of this technology into their products and/or services. AI has also made its way into home automation. 

    For instance, the Google Assistant can now work in conjunction with the Google Pixel phone and screen calls for users. It can even speak to callers and notify the owner about the purpose of the call. This is a great feature, especially for people who lead busy lifestyles.  

    Smart heating and cooling (HVAC) systems are also available that can optimize temperatures and airflow based on the user’s schedule and external weather conditions.  
    Smart beds such as this one from ReST can respond to each user’s individual needs with the use of AI technology. Sleep Number’s smart bed with SleepIQ technology also uses AI and data science to automatically adjust to optimal settings based on biometric data it collects while the user is asleep. Users can see all the data that is collected in the bed’s mobile app.  

    The Amazon Echo featuring Alexa remains a best-seller and is packed with many smart features. – CNET.com 

    However, this is only the beginning for AI. Industry experts are predicting that AI and voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa can soon accomplish tasks like automatically making appointments with electricians or plumbers. It can pick the right service people for the user based on their preferences and the ratings of the tradesperson. 

    Don’t feel like cooking? AI-powered kitchens may soon make their way into homes. Dislike doing chores? The Gary robot by Unlimited Robotics can help do a variety of housework such as cleaning the toilet or washing the floor. Robotic vacuum cleaners have also gotten a major upgrade. Migo Robotics has built a vacuum that can go up and down the stairs! 

    Custom Floor Tiles 

    Wood and laminate floors have been the tried-and-true classic for many years. But interior designers are thinking outside of the box and incorporating custom tiles into the design mix. We’re talking colorful and irregular/mismatched patterns. Tile manufacturers such as Imagine Tile and Fireclay Tile can create virtually any custom tiles you think of. These tile companies typically cater to both residential and commercial applications. We are smitten with the mix of line art patterns offered by Geo Tile below!  

    This mid-century pattern is an artistic approach to your typical tile. – Geo Tile 

    The Warm and Minimalist Trend 

    Steely and cold looks have faded out in recent years. Homeowners and designers alike are opting for homey, yet modern looks. This design style features the use of warm colors and a themed color palette. Peach Fuzz, Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2024, is a soft peach shade that plays well with this trend. As for décor, every object is artfully and intentionally placed with no clutter in sight. Observe how the kitchen below features open shelving. The recessed shelving is another design element that draws attention to its clean lines.  

    This kitchen is modern in design, but warm and inviting. – Cubro Design 

    Curvy, Organic Custom Cabinets and Islands 

    Rounded shapes are introduced to break up the boxiness of standard cabinets. Think arched cabinets and squoval or oval kitchen islands. Arched doorways are still very much a desirable feature. Atypical shapes add to the charm and character of the home.  

    Pantry with Painted Shelves and Cabinetry 

    Homeowners are elevating the design of their storage rooms. One room that has garnered focus is the pantry. No longer is it an afterthought where the design is neglected. We’ve come across many beautiful pantry designs that look just as well-designed as the rest of the home. We think the addition of cabinetry with doors and drawers offers a clean look. It’s a great way to hide away clutter and organize smaller items.  
    We love the arched double doors in the reach-in pantry on the left that incorporates the curvy aesthetic we mentioned above. Also check out the walk-in pantry with ample storage below! 

    Statement-Making Cabinet Hardware 

    Accessorize your cabinets with a set of beautiful cabinet pulls and knobs. This hardware is more like jewelry for your cabinetry. In terms of style, oversized and elongated hardware is very much on-trend. Cremone bolts add vintage charm to cabinets and act as an aesthetic focal point.  

    Unique Lighting Gets Its Focus  

    Designers are playing with asymmetrical lighting and mixing the style, size, and scale of light fixtures for a more dynamic look. For example, instead of choosing three matching pendant lights for the kitchen island, designers are using different shapes and colors and combining them into an eclectic design style.  

    For those who do not want to pay the cost of hiring an electrician to install extra light fixtures, there are an increasing number of battery-operated and plug-in options available on the market. These options often come with a remote control so you can turn it on and off or adjust its brightness at a distance.  

    Five pendant lights in various sizes create an artistic display of light. – Brophy Interiors/My Domaine 

    The Power to Incorporate Both Trends and Classics 

    No matter what your style is, we can help you find the best design solution for your next home renovation project. Contact us and get a head start on your New Year’s resolutions and begin 2024 with a home refresh.