• Fresh Out of the Oven Kitchen Trends That May Surprise You

  • It’s that time of year for all things shiny and new! For some people, getting their kitchen renovated is on their resolution list. A few of the trends may be surprising but we predict they will remain popular for at least the next several years.  

    No Upper Cabinets 

    We’ve previously discussed open shelving. However, some designers and homeowners are taking things to the extreme and eliminating any type of upper shelving altogether. We’ve seen kitchens built around large windows and kitchens with ample wall space to hang art. The lack of upper cabinets contributes to a more open, airy, and minimalist look.  

    We’re fans of a few open shelves here and there but forgoing all upper storage space may be best suited for those who do not cook very often or for larger homes with sizable walk-in pantries that can be used for storage.  

    Longer Kitchen Islands/Multiple Kitchen Islands 

    This trend is great for larger kitchen spaces. The idea is to turn the kitchen into a socializing spot or alternative workspace through a larger kitchen island or multiple kitchen islands. Maybe this trend was inspired by more people learning and working from home lately? 

    For those who have adequate space, having double islands or a large island makes a kitchen look majestic and adds a luxurious focal point. 

    Patterned Flooring  

    People are thinking out of the box and opting for flooring in interesting and atypical patterns. At the simplest level, we’ve seen wood planks installed in a herringbone pattern, which can be more exciting than wood installed in a typical vertical or horizontal configuration. Other than wood, vinyl and ceramic tiles, which come in many colors and styles, are also popular in kitchens.  

    Sectioned Kitchens 

    This is another trend which may have taken off because of the public response to COVID-19. In a poll conducted by Rocket Homes, the results were nearly a 50/50 split when people were asked whether they preferred an open concept or traditional layout for their homes. Rather than an open-concept kitchen (which has been on the hot list for the past several years), people are opting for a sectioned, multifunctional space that can be used by multiple family members at once with minimal disturbance. This way, somebody can cook while another is working. We have come across kitchens with integrated nooks and kitchens with cozy seating, such as the ones shown below.  

    Integrated/Smart Storage 

    Integrated storage is popular in kitchen renovations and high-end homes. Appliances, such as refrigerators and dishwashers can be hidden behind kitchen cabinets. There are even doors disguised as cabinets that reveal large walk-in pantries or second kitchens. Whatever wonders a cabinet door could be hiding, this undoubtedly creates an elegant and seamless look.  

    In terms of organization, many cabinets have built-in storage solutions. We’ve spotted lazy susans integrated into corner cabinets, custom drawer dividers, pull-out pot racks, and drawers with knife slots. These features ensure that you utilize the storage space most effectively.  

    A New Kitchen that Works for You 

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    Featured Image Credit: Pinterest