• How to Achieve Quiet Luxury with Custom Spaces

  • You may have seen the phrase “quiet luxury” pop up in your news feed recently. If you’ve ever watched the television series “Succession,” billionaire daughter Shiv Roy is said to be one of the darlings of the trend, often seen wearing tailored suits and blazers. However, quiet luxury is not only applicable to fashion, but also to home design.  

    What is Quiet Luxury? 

    To put it in the simplest terms, quiet luxury is understated luxury that is void of any designer logos or emblems. You can say that quiet luxury is “stealth wealth.” It is currently one of the biggest fashion trends. It was first coined in the fashion world to describe pared-back designs that look visually expensive but are a step away from typical logo-heavy luxury brands such as Chanel or Louis Vuitton.  

    Below are a few examples of quiet luxury looks from Always Stylish. Observe how each piece is elevated in a certain way, be it the oversized trench coat or a leather blazer in an unexpected color. Each of these looks also stands the test of time.  

    Quiet Luxury in Home Design 

    Like fashion, fine materials, craftsmanship, and design cohesion should be key to quiet luxury in home design. Do not go for the basics, but an elevated version of the basics. Pick a countertop stone with a unique pattern, a type of wood with a special grain, or décor objects with unique shapes. Sometimes even a special shade of off-white can make the space stand out over basic white.   

    We love how Arieli Custom Homes turned the drab and cramped bathroom below into a custom designed bathroom that is luxurious, yet classic and refined. Notice how the wall tiles are the focal point of the room, but it whispers instead of yells? 

    A luxurious bathroom remodel. // Arieli Custom Homes 

    Quality Custom Cabinets and Countertops 

    One of the best ways to achieve quiet luxury in home design is to install custom cabinets and countertops throughout the home. Custom cabinets will open more design possibilities and avoid the dreaded cookie-cutter look.  

    With custom cabinets, they can have unique configurations, materials, and color combinations that are not possible with boxed D.I.Y. or pre-made cabinetry sets. Additionally, thicker shelves are one way to give a luxury look to cabinets. This is a feature you can certainly customize with custom cabinets and shelving. 

    See the examples below of a kitchen with custom cabinets and a living room with custom-built bookshelves. Both have a high-end look without looking over-the-top.  

    Top it Off with Refined Décor  

    Your selection of décor for the quiet luxury look should consist of fine materials and/or uncommon designs. Our favorite places to look for these pieces are on 1stDibs.com, Etsy, and at antique shops where you can find unique objects.  

    Your findings do not have to be minimalist but be careful not to clutter the space with lots of random objects or you might risk missing quiet luxury altogether. All your pieces should be thoughtfully selected to flow with your surroundings. The result should feel like a curated space where everything has a home and a purpose.  

    The living room below is maximalist, but the decor still looks cohesive, so the result is luxurious. We love the gallery wall that features works in varied sizes and the overall muted color palette that looks rich.  

    Why You Should Hire a Professional 

    Custom designs require the skills of a reputable designer and builder. A job that is done poorly can bring down the value of your home instead of increasing it. Get it done right the first time and hire The Cabinet Doctors

    Featured Image Credit: Lexi Grace Design