• How to Create a Nature-Inspired Kitchen

  • A gorgeous greenhouse-inspired kitchen adorned with lots of greenery. // JLF Architects

  • Bringing the outdoors in is more than just good design, it’s good for you, too. Physically speaking, our bodies need Vitamin D for bone growth, cell growth, and to strengthen our immune systems. The majority of Vitamin D is obtained from sunlight. With that said, there are times when spending time outdoors may be difficult due to factors such as temperature or air quality. Here are some ideas for how you can create a nature-inspired kitchen.


    Wood is an inherently natural material that’s the most popular choice for cabinets. Cabinets come in many different types of wood from engineered woods, like particleboard and Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), to solid wood such as maple or cherry. Solid wood offers the most natural look. Try using a raw wood without any stains or finishes, a wood stain, or a distressed finish for a weather-beaten effect. 

    In terms of color choice and finishes, a wood stain allows the grain of the wood to show through while paints tend to be opaque. Stains come in a variety of different tones ranging from light to dark, with light tones evoking the serene feeling of sunshine on a grassy meadow and dark tones reminiscent of a mysterious forest. 

    Changing the look of your cabinets doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Cabinet refacing changes the exterior appearance of your cabinets, while retaining the existing overall structure. 

    Faucets & Sinks

    Faucets are usually made of metal. Non-shiny or unpolished finishes such as oil-rubbed bronze, satin nickel, or brushed gold looks more natural in comparison to finishes like chrome or shiny gold. 

    Farmhouse-style sinks are a popular option to give your kitchen some outdoorsy appeal. The most typical material for farmhouse-style sinks is porcelain. This material helps add a warm and inviting feeling to your kitchen. Wood is an unexpected material for a kitchen sink that lends a unique look. Bamboo is most-typically used for wooden sinks, although teak and plywood is also available. These woods are treated with sealants for lasting durability. 


    Lightbulbs come in different temperatures and shades ranging from soft white, to bright white, to daylight. Daylight bulbs mimic the color of bright sunshine and are said to help boost mood, mental awareness, and productivity. It’s ideally used in kitchen and work environments where efficiency is important. 

    If you’re open to an even brighter idea, consider larger windows or skylights. A skylight helps bring in lots of natural light so you won’t need to turn on any artificial lighting during the daytime. It can also provide great views. During daytime you can see the blue sky or rain droplets falling which is especially fitting for a nature-inspired kitchen. At nighttime, you can likely catch a glimpse of the stars above! Additionally, some styles are windows which allow you to let in some fresh air.

    Walls & Flooring

    Similar to cabinets, flooring also comes in a variety of natural materials. One of the most popular materials for kitchens is wood. Hardwood floors are sought-after for their authentic wood grain appearance and durability, some lasting a good hundred years or more. Due to these reasons, it may be more expensive than laminate flooring, but it’s another great way to welcome the great outdoors into your home. 

    Natural stone is another option. Each piece of stone often comes in unique patterns and/or shapes which gives it natural beauty. Like hardwood, it is durable and easy to maintain. An alternative idea is to use natural stone as a backsplash to dress up your walls. 


    Finally we have the finishing touch for your nature-inspired kitchen! And there’s no better natural decor item than live plants! They come in many varieties to fit different spaces–floor plants, potted table plants, and hanging plants. But plants aren’t just merely there for looks! They have health benefits such as helping us to breathe better and for promoting air circulation, which is especially helpful during hot weather. 

    If you think live plants are a burden, there are actually varieties that require minimal care such as yuccas, begonias, and many varieties of succulents. However, if the idea of live plants just isn’t your cup of tea, then faux plants are worth looking into. Today, many faux plants can be mistaken for the real deal and only require an occasional dusting. 

    Ready to Bring the Outdoors In?

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