• How to Move Your Favorite Kitchen Trend Into 2022

  • There’s a saying…”out with the old and in with the new”. Since 2021 will soon come to a close, we want to talk about a few past kitchen trends that have been declining in popularity this year and how you can tweak them to be current in 2022. With that said, while we give lots of advice on design trends, it is most important to design your kitchen for the way you want to live! However, it is always helpful to think about both appearance and functionality. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the kitchen trends we’ll see less of in the coming year!  

    Monochrome, “Sterile” Color Schemes   

    We’re seeing less of black, white, and grey everything and more organic tones with pops of color. People are trading in the idea of ultra-modern designs and desaturated color palettes for something cozy and homey, but still modern. The idea of a modern home has evolved, and it is no longer just a glass box with lots of metal and polished stone. A modern home is now an eclectic mix of both new and traditional elements. This translates directly to kitchen design because more natural wood colors are being incorporated with stone. See how the kitchen below blends wood and marble to create a modern, yet warm kitchen.  

    All-White Kitchens 

    We agree an all-white kitchen is a safe choice and a blank slate when it comes to cabinet and countertop colors. But unless you already know you won’t be living in the home for many years, why not go for something more unexpected? For example, choose a contrasting color for the island. In a kitchen trends study done by Houzz that was released at the beginning of the year, while white remained the most popular color for kitchen cabinets, 41% of surveyed homeowners have chosen a different color for their kitchen islands. And we expect this number to go up this year. Mixing and matching colors certainly adds a lot more interest to the design. Take a look at this white kitchen with a contrasting island below!  

    BHG / Joyelle West 

    Dark-Stained Wood  

    Dark-stained wood cabinets were quite popular back in the day, but we saw them make a modern comeback several years ago when coupled with flat slab and shaker-style cabinets. However, in 2021, more homeowners and interior designers are opting for a light-filled airy space over one with drama and depth.  

    There is a desire to bring a more minimalist and natural look to the kitchen. Additionally, lighter-colored cabinets reflect more light and make a space feel more open. We love how the kitchen below uses light wood, white marble, and a black island/hood vent as the focal points!  

    The Spruce/ Christopher Lee Foto 

    Farmhouse Sinks 

    Every home renovation show you’ve seen on HGTV featured this sink style extensively over the last few years. We’re talking about the classic glossy white farmhouse/apron front sink. However, many designers question whether the farmhouse sink craze is wearing out. The truth is, a farmhouse sink may not be right for everyone as it does take up more space than an undermount sink. With that said, we’ve discovered many other styles of apron sinks if you still love the look, but want to go for something less common. Take a look at the modern black and the textured stone options below! 

    Over-the-Range Microwaves 

    Over the range is the most common place to install a microwave for the last several decades and for good reason. It is the best solution for small kitchens because it takes up the least space as it is usually part of a microwave/vent hood combo. The downside is that a vent hood installed as part of this unit is usually not as strong as stand-alone models and certainly not as attractive.  

    However, if you don’t mind giving up a little cabinet space, there are other places you can put your microwave so you can get that beautiful range hood you’ve seen all over interior design magazines. Professional designers are aware that a decorative hood vent can be a statement-making focal point of the kitchen. Observe how the hood below draws your eye and perfectly complements the design of the kitchen!

    Andrea Cipriani Mecchi Photography Via Houzz 

    Stainless Steel Appliances 

    We remember when stainless steel appliances were one of the most desirable features of kitchens. They still are, but many appliance brands have now produced alternative stainless steel finishes such as black stainless steel and Tuscan stainless steel. With these new finishes on the market, we can’t help but think regular stainless steel now seems a little basic.  

    Years ago, one may have thought white and black appliances were inferior to stainless steel — but not today. For example, Café appliances are anything but your typical white or black appliances. We’ve seen this brand used in countless home designs lately.  

    Many companies (such as SamsungTrue, and Blue Star) now also have custom appliance options that let you choose the color and finish of your appliances, allowing for even more design flexibility. See how the black stainless steel appliances from Samsung and white with brushed bronze hardware appliances from Café elevate the kitchens below.

    Give the Gift of a New Kitchen 

    ‘Tis the season of giving! A new kitchen will breathe new life into your home or the home of a loved one. We have a couple of ideas on how you can make this happen! Either give the recipient a card on Christmas announcing your gift or surprise them entirely when the remodel is complete. Don’t have anyone in mind? Gift yourself! Contact us so we can give you an estimate and work with you on timing!  

    Featured Image Credit: Grothouse Wood Countertops