• Kitchen Design Trends to Look Out for in 2021

  • Add some sunshine to your kitchen with Illumination. // HGTV

  • It’s the time of year for new beginnings and positive outlooks. And 2021 is an especially appropriate year to say this. Last year, we saw an increase in home renovations due to more people staying home and it’s expected to continue this year as people continue to explore new ways to do more at home. Additionally, with home mortgage interest rates at an all-time low, more people will be buying homes and in turn, spending time and money to make them their own. Therefore, we want to offer inspiration by presenting you with some new kitchen trends for the new year!  

    Pantone Colors of the Year 

    Pantone has revealed its new featured colors for 2021. “Ultimate Gray” is a sophisticated light-medium, versatile gray that is a good match to a variety of colors and pairs well with “Illuminating”, a vibrant, cheerful yellow. 

    The color gray in itself is timeless and is a popular choice for kitchen designs, especially modern ones. Pantone explained that this particular gray shade was chosen because it is the color of pebbles and weathered elements, symbolize stability and resilience and stand the test of time.  

    Illuminating was chosen by Pantone to represent hope and optimism. It’s a saturated shade with a touch of refinement that, as an accent color, will bring some warmth, energy and a pop of color to any space. Yellow barstools, anyone? A yellow backsplash sounds like a great idea to us, as well. We’ve seen our share of tasteful yellow kitchen cabinets, too!  

    WalltoWall Cabinets  

    A growing kitchen design trend is the use of floor-to-ceiling cabinetry. An entire wall of cabinets will make a kitchen look more modern. To take this idea to a whole new level, built-in appliances such as refrigerators and dishwashers are cleverly concealed as part of the cabinetry. Additionally, many wall-to-wall cabinet styles don’t include knobs or handles. Instead, they pop open with the simple push of an edge or corner.  

    Hybrid Islands 

    More than a horizontal workspace, hybrid islands offer more function than typical kitchen island. Some have inset seating along the long edge for family and friends to gather and other islands are built into a T-shape with storage on the long side and seating on the short end. Others feature an attached surface for serving and have seating around that section.  

    Touchless Faucets 

    Widely used in public washrooms, touchless faucets have made their way into home bathrooms and kitchens. These faucets are especially handy for cooks who multi-task in the kitchen or don’t want to touch the faucet when handling food items such as raw meat. Getting one installed will undoubtedly make your kitchen smarter and user-friendly.  

    Locally-Sourced Decor 

    The previous year has definitely been a tough one for many businesses, especially small businesses. On a positive note, there has been a groundswell for people to shop local. Even home décor stores like West Elm feature small businesses and local artisans in their catalog.  

    Here are some great reasons to shop local: 

    1) You are directly supporting the economy of your own community.  

    2) You can often get your hands on unique items that are not mass-produced.  

    3) Supporting and keeping small businesses open gives the neighborhood character.  

    4) More personalized service is the norm. You can directly communicate with the owners of the business instead of an anonymous customer service rep.  

    5) It reduces environmental impact due to less transportation needed for goods as local merchants usually source locally.  

    Think It’s Time to Refresh Your Kitchen? 

    A new kitchen that’s your style can lift your mood and make cooking and entertaining more enjoyable. We are well-versed in the latest trends and can assist you in building your dream kitchen. Contact us today for an estimate!