• The Light & Airy Kitchen Design Trend

  • When it comes to the kitchen, you can never go wrong with a light and airy design. This kitchen style is more than a trend, it is timeless. And for good reason—using predominantly light colors makes the space look bigger and light colors are also known to uplift the mood. Read on for some ways you can create a light and airy kitchen.  

    White Kitchen Cabinets 

    The most popular kitchen cabinet color is still white, as shown in a 2021 survey conducted by Houzz. Out of 2,014 respondents who have renovated their kitchen in past 12 months, are working on, or plan to renovate their kitchen in the next 3 months, 41% have chosen white kitchen cabinets. Past statistics have shown similar results, with 45% choosing white kitchen cabinets in 2020, 43% in 2019, and 43% in 2018.  

    We can safely say that white kitchen cabinets stand the test of time. It may also help increase the resale value of your home because it is a popular and versatile color that is favored by many. You can never go wrong with a neutral color that is easy to work with and pairs well with kitchen décor in any other color of the rainbow.  

    Light Wood Kitchen Cabinets 

    If you desire an airy kitchen, but would rather choose something other than classic white, then light wood cabinetry is worth looking into. We’re not talking about the honey or cherry-stained cabinets that were popular in the 90s and early 2000s (that everyone is actually getting rid of right now), but a light wood in its natural or almost-natural state such as bare maple or oak. Light wood cabinetry instantly gives a very natural and botanical feel to the kitchen. To make the whole look modern, choose the shaker or flat cabinet door styles and add matte black cabinet knobs and pulls with clean lines.  

    Light Wood Flooring 

    Light wood floors pair well with white or light wood cabinets. It visually opens the floor space of the whole house and feels minimalistic. An increasing number of people are choosing engineered wood or laminate over solid hardwood because it’s less expensive, easier to install, and more eco-friendly.

    Unless you look at it closely, it is now difficult to tell between an engineered wood floor and a hardwood floor due to advancements in the production process. Laminate floors are the least expensive but have also improved in appearance. Higher-quality laminates even have a tactile surface texture. Those without a discerning eye may not be able to tell the difference between laminate flooring and real wood. With that said, solid hardwood floors may still be the way to go for those who want to increase the resale value of their home. 

    Bare White Walls 

    You might be thinking plain white walls are boring, but they are a staple if you desire a spacious, minimalist look for your kitchen and throughout your house. White walls reflect light so it looks even brighter on a sunny day. The effect works best with a bright white wall rather than off-white which is an extremely popular, basic wall color among builders and in rental units.  

    Bright white walls look great when paired with light wood. It offers enough contrast so that it’s visually interesting, yet still retains a clean aesthetic.  

    Contrasting Colors 

    You do not need to use all light colors to create the airy look that you want. Balance the lightness with some darkness and use it as a focal point.  

    If your cabinets are white or light wood, why not try choosing a contrasting color for the island? In fact, 41% of respondents in a survey conducted by Houzz did this either in a recent home renovation, are currently doing, or are planning to do so (source, page 18). 

    Try experimenting with dark faucets, dark sinks, and cabinet hardware. Purchase dark appliances, dark counter stools, and décor to add interest to a light kitchen. If you don’t overdo it by adding too many items, the result will still be light and airy.  

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    Featured Image Credit: Houzz.com via House of Brazier