• The Most-Wanted List for Kitchen Renovations

  • As you may know, the kitchen is still the room with the most money spent on renovations per year (Houzz 2023 Renovation Trends Study, page 14). But what do most homeowners want to get out of these projects? We’ve compiled a list of what most kitchen renovation clients desire along with tips on how to go about satisfying these items on the list.  

    Make Kitchen More Modern 

    Some trends that were popular decades ago may no longer be in style today. And a good portion of what makes a kitchen outdated versus modern are the cabinets and countertops.  

    Refacing your kitchen cabinets is a great idea for those on a budget and in many cases, it may be all that is needed to refresh your kitchen. For kitchen remodels that need to start from scratch, we recommend custom kitchen cabinets over pre-built units (i.e. from Ikea). 

    First, you hardly need to do any work because there will be a design team to help and another team to do the assembly. Second, custom cabinets are designed to be long-lasting and to perfectly fit your kitchen, your aesthetic, and the way you cook.  

    Aside from the cabinets and countertops, consider updating your appliances because old appliances from, say, the 80s, are going to look out of place in a modernized kitchen. See some of the newest appliances (both major and small) on the market today! 

    Transform Kitchen into an Open Concept 

    You may see articles claiming open concept kitchens are no longer popular. Some claim this is due to the pandemic and a desire to create defined spaces because more people are working from home.  

    We do not think this is true. We disagree that many homeowners are sacrificing an inviting kitchen layout for privacy. Sure, many may work in their kitchen, but they work elsewhere around the house, too. We think far more people are creating comfortable workspaces throughout the house than bidding farewell to an open concept kitchen.  

    An open concept kitchen is still a popular request for homeowners. Who wants a claustrophobic kitchen enclosed within 4 walls? Many want to be able to entertain guests and/or watch their children while cooking.  

    Change a Peninsula into an Island 

    A kitchen island is more desirable than a peninsula for those that have enough floor space. If you think about it, many kitchens decades ago were built with peninsulas. So yes, they are quite outdated in terms of design as well.  

    Still, a peninsula is a popular kitchen component in apartment units because it admittedly does work well for small spaces. But if you want an updated look that is more luxurious than getting rid of the peninsula, adding a kitchen island could be a wonderful way to accomplish that, depending on your existing kitchen layout.  

    Make Kitchen Brighter and More Welcoming 

    Few people would choose a dark kitchen with no light over one that is basked in natural light. But unfortunately, not all kitchens are built to directly face sunlight. If this is the case for your home, then white kitchen cabinets may be a solution for you. White kitchen cabinets are still a popular choice for renovations and for good reason. It gives a clean look and reflects light around the room, making it look bigger and brighter.  

    Read this article for more tips on how to brighten up your kitchen! 

    Increase Storage Space 

    If you are big on home cooking and/or entertaining, then you will need enough space to store your cookware and serve ware. Look at your kitchen…is all the wall space being used optimally? Now look inside your cabinets, is everything neat or a cluttered mess?  

    Making your cabinets taller (even floor-to-ceiling cabinets) is one idea to gain additional storage space. Another way is to make your cabinets deeper. Deep cabinets will benefit from pull-out storage solutions. This makes it a lot easier to reach items in the back and organize the items too! See our posts on kitchen organization and clever kitchen solutions for even more ideas! 

    Have Questions? Need Assistance? 

    Do you wish your kitchen had one or more of these items on this list? Or something even more? The Cabinet Doctors specializes in kitchen remodeling and custom cabinetry that can be built to your specifications and needs. Do not hesitate to contact us and see how we can help! 

    Featured Image: Kitchen design and renovation by The Cabinet Doctors