• The Newest Home Renovation Trends in 2023

  • We’re always excited to see what the new year has brought us in terms of new home renovation trends. In 2023, we are seeing a very eclectic mix of trends that make our homes feel more like home, maximize space, or help us accomplish our daily activities more easily. Read on to find out what they are!  

    The Modern Vintage Look  

    There is a focus on mixing vintage and modern details in home design. Think old-world Greek statues inside a modern home (possibly in a non-traditional color), minimalist reclaimed wood pieces, or a new take on art-deco fluting. This juxtaposition of old and new creates a modern home that doesn’t feel sterile, but cozy.  

    The most popular modern vintage looks we’ve seen are below: 

    Modern Farmhouse – Brings together traditional farmhouse elements (i.e. barn doors and wicker pendant lights), but often features crisp white as the main color and black as the contrasting accent color.  

    Modern Rustic – It has the log-cabin look (a.k.a. no shortage of wood), but the clean aesthetic of a modern home.  

    Modern Bohemian – Also using a good amount of white, we can best describe this look as “boho meets mid-century.” Lots of handcrafted (or handcrafted-looking) pieces mixed with the curves and lines of a mid-century home.  

    Modern Spanish – Often called “modern Spanish revival,” this design style takes the interesting textures and patterns from traditional Spanish homes and blends them with clean lines.  

    Workstation Sinks for Your Kitchen  

    Like cooking but not cleaning? Multi-functional workstation sinks help minimize messes during the food prep stage and look integrated with your kitchen. The general design consists of a sliding over-the-sink cutting board and a sliding drying rack. Prepping over the sink opens counter space, which makes it particularly useful for smaller kitchens. Cleanup is a breeze — no more carrying your cutting board back and forth between the work surface and the sink.  

    Some models even include removable vessels to store your cooking ingredients after they are washed, sliced, and/or cut. The coolest one we’ve seen features a waterfall sink, intended to be used to wash fruits and vegetables.  

    An elegant workstation sink complete with cutting board, drying rack, and vessel // Wayfair

    Wall-Mounted Faucets  

    There’s something very classy about wall-mounted faucets. The look is clean and modern. Not only that, but we also love the space-saving aspect of this design. A wall-mounted faucet is an excellent choice, especially if you are limited on counter space.  

    The only con is that you may need to be more selective about choosing the shape of your sink to minimize splashing on walls. A sink that is flat rather than curved may help mitigate this potential problem. Not installing the faucet too high is also critical to minimize splashing.  

    Yes, wall-mounted kitchen faucets, although less common than wall-mounted bathroom faucets do exist! // Home Depot 

    Even More Focus on the Home Office 

    With an increasing number of companies offering work-from-home positions, the home office is once again a hot spot for home buyers and renovators. We think there are a few “must- haves” for a home office.  

    1) Bright natural light – Studies show that workspaces with good natural light increase productivity and are a mood-booster.  

    2) Adequate storage – Clutter causes stress and is a big no-no. All your belongings should have a home. Consider custom, built-in desks, cabinets, and/or shelves, which truly elevate the look of the home office.  

    3) Comfortable seating – Consider an adjustable desk that allows you to work in both a sitting and standing position. Make sure your chair offers enough comfort and support for hours of work.  

    4) Good cable management – Simply put, we think cables ruin the look of a design. But that’s not all, they can also be a tripping hazard. If you would like your desk in the middle of the room, consider this clever trick to hide your cables!  

    5) A door – It goes without saying, but if you often receive calls from clients or frequently attend video meetings, a door is a great idea if you do not live alone. And not all spaces come with one! 

    Don’t have a dedicated office space or spare room? Learn how to turn your kitchen into a workspace!

    Built-In Storage 

    Integrated wall storage instantly makes a space look more luxe, open, and expensive. The unique thing about a built-in as opposed to a free-standing unit, is that you can build it as high as you want. Got 14-foot ceilings? You can certainly create an entire wall of shelving!  

    Sustainable Design & Renovations 

    We are continuously finding ways to love our planet. One way home renovators are doing this is by using reclaimed and responsibly-sourced materials. Don’t toss your old furniture to the landfill just yet, especially if it’s made of solid wood. Those pieces can be upcycled into something more modern and sturdy.  

    We particularly love the sustainable idea of cabinet refacing. There’s no need to replace your cabinet boxes if you’re simply looking for a new color or style. After repainting and installation of new doors/hardware, you will not believe it is the same room!  

    The Smart Home Just Got Smarter 

    As technology progresses, smart homes and appliances continue to be hot on the market. At CES 2023, Samsung introduced an AI-powered oven that can cook meals to perfection. It closely monitors cooking temperatures and can recognize dishes it has cooked before and optimize the cooking time and temperature the next time it cooks. It can also alert you when your food is about to burn! They also have a smart fridge in the lineup that can suggest recipes based on the ingredients you have in your refrigerator.  

    Samsung’s competitor, LG, has also introduced a refrigerator that can change colors. Appropriately named the MoodUP Fridge, the refrigerator features lighted panels that you can control with your smart phone. Bring the party to your kitchen, home theatre, or game room!  

    Design your own fridge with LG’s New MoodUp Fridge // Gadgetflow

    Is Home Renovation Part of Your 2023 New Year’s Resolution? 

    Check off your to-do list and make your dream kitchen, bathroom, or custom room a reality. Let’s work together to create a space that will stand the test of time. Begin by obtaining a free estimate!  

    Featured Image: Mid-century modern and farmhouse elements combine to create this eclectic modern vintage kitchen. Blanco.com