• Trending: How to Use Texture in Your Kitchen or Bathroom

  • If you think you have a boring bathroom or kitchen, chances are, it lacks contrast and texture. There are two types of texture, visual texture (patterns you can see but are smooth to the touch) and tactile texture (which you can feel with your hands). Read on to find out how to use both visual and tactile textures in your home.  

    Textured Cabinet Door Finishes & Styles 

    Opt for cabinet doors with a wood grain finish instead of a painted finish. Wood grain adds earthiness and natural beauty. It will make the room feel more organic. It’s very popular in homes with traditional designs such as in farmhouse style homes and cabins.  

    There are two kinds of wood we’ve seen on the rise in recent years, light wood and burl wood. Light wood is typically a naturally light-colored wood species like maple or pine that is finished close to its natural state. Burl wood is created from wood burls (extraneous growth on trees) that can form on any tree species. These burls create very distinctive swirly patterns on wood. Burl wood furniture pieces are popping up everywhere right now and we think it would look outstanding as kitchen cabinets. Below is a rustic one for you! 

    This kitchen features burl wood cabinets throughout. // Pinterest 

    If you have an affinity for modern design and think wood grain cabinets look old-fashioned, then think again! There are wood grain cabinets that look contemporary, adding style and warmth to your kitchen. Take a gander at the example below. These light wood cabinets have a linear grain and clean lines formed by the flat panel design. Instead of utilizing knobs and pulls, they have side notches to open and close the cabinets.  

    These light wood cabinets seem to magnify natural light. // Pinterest 

    Still “nay” about wood grain? Add some tactile texture to your cabinets is an option. If you have flat panel cabinets and want to add more character, then you may want to change your cabinet doors (part of a process called refacing) to a different style such as shaker or inset. Shaker style cabinets are a favorite because they have just the right amount of elegance created by straight lines. The charm it adds is not overwhelming but understated, so it works for a variety of décor styles.  

    A Textured Kitchen Island or Peninsula 

    Make your kitchen island stand out with a contrasting texture. For instance, if your cabinets are painted, then try a full wood-grain texture. The kitchen below features white painted cabinets with a contrasting kitchen island in a dark wood grain and chevron pattern on the side. We think doing this makes for a much more interesting look than an all-white kitchen that can look washed out.  

    A white kitchen with a contrasting island. // Decorpad 

    If you want to take textures up a notch, stacked stone or fluted materials may be worth exploring. Stacked stone adds a rustic vibe while fluting adds modernity with an art deco feel.  

    Textured Bathtub 

    Add a touch of luxury with a textured bathtub. Especially if you have a standalone bathtub, it often becomes the focal point of your bathroom. We love the extensive use of marble in the bathroom at the bottom left and how the pattern carries out throughout the floors and walls. It’s definitely not something you see often. However, a genuine marble tub will typically run upwards of 10k. For those with a lower budget, there are textured white porcelain bathtubs on the market. The one shown below is under 2k and features a modern wavy texture that takes it a step above your typical bathtub.  

    Textured Furniture & Décor  

    If you do not wish to invest in a renovation, you can certainly swap your furniture pieces for more interesting ones. We mentioned previously that burl wood is having a moment. Below is a dining table from Restoration Hardware, a bar cabinet from Crate & Barrel, and floating shelves from Anthropologie.  

    Concrete, previously used for outdoor furniture, has become a popular material for indoor furniture, too. This piece from Kathy Kuo home looks modern with a touch of brutalism.  

    concrete dining table

    Stone materials such as marble still have not gone out of style. In fact, we are seeing more variations than your typical white and grey marble. Below is a beautiful marble bar cabinet and side table, both from CB2.  

    Textured Cabinet Door and Drawer Knobs 

    You’d be surprised at how new drawer knobs can make a world of difference to the overall look of the space. We think Anthropologie is a treasure trove of unique pull handles and knobs that is difficult to find anywhere else. We love these textured options below!  

    If you’re looking for heirloom-quality materials, then Rejuvenation and Restoration Hardware are also two good places to look. If you love handmade, one-of-a-kind items and supporting small business then Etsy is also another amazing choice.  

    Textured Walls 

    We are not talking about the orange peel or knockdown texture that typical homes have, but something a little more luxe. Observe how the bathroom below (left) uses several different wall textures – large tiles, small reflective tiles, and a horizontal linear texture. This combination of wall textures makes the bathroom look very expensive. 

    When it comes to kitchens, many people will think of backsplashes to add texture. And yes, that is the simplest way. However, how about applying texture to all the walls in your kitchen? Check out the example below (right) featuring an entire wall covered in light-colored stone.  

    Textured Lighting  

    Add extra dimension to your kitchen or bathroom with textured lighting. Basket-woven pendant lights are currently a popular choice for above-the-counter kitchen lighting. It’s affordable (here’s an option from Ikea) and easier to install because of the lighter weight.  

    These pendant lights add a bohemian look to this kitchen. // Kouboo.com

    In typical home builds, bathroom lights are installed above the mirror. But there’s just something about adding sconces on the side that makes a bathroom look more custom and luxurious. Especially if you choose the right ones. We love textured glass light sconces. The texture softens up the light, makes it less glaring and adds visual interest.  

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