• Turn Your Spare Room into a Personal “Escape Room”

  • According to HSH.com, the average American home size has increased since 1970, from 1,500 square feet to 2,333 square feet in 2020. At the same time, the average number of occupants in a home has decreased from 3.14 people in 1970 to 2.53 people in 2020.  

    So, if you have a spare room or two, or just some extra living space, you’re not alone.  Here are some ideas on how to make the most of it! 

    A Home Library 

    Book lovers – how about a space to display your prized collection? We are fans of built-in bookcases that take up the entire height of the room because they look very luxurious. Don’t worry, many tall bookcases have the option to add custom rolling ladders, so you’ll be able to reach up high without needing to bring in a separate one. An alternative to ladders is a spiral staircase if the room has very high ceilings.  

    Add comfortable seats that people can use to read and/or work and, voila—a beautiful home library.  

    Even a small nook can be turned into a library. // Style Curator 

    A Keepsake (Treasure) Room 

    If you’re a traveler, you likely have collected some souvenirs along the way. Perhaps you love collecting baseball cards or vintage pieces. Or maybe you’ve received lots of gifts from friends and family over the years that have sentimental value. Little by little, your collection may have grown to epic proportions. 

    However you amassed your collection, we love the idea of a dedicated “treasure room”. Fill it up to your heart’s content so that it doesn’t clutter up the rest of the house. Think of it as a personal museum that you can visit and show off to your guests whenever you want!  

    With that said, we highly recommend utilizing shelves and display units to place your items in an organized manner. As with the rest of the house, it should be tidy, and its contents should still have their own place. You want it to look welcoming and not like it could belong in an episode of “Hoarders”!  

    This woman has a room dedicated to her timepieces. What do you collect? // China Daily 

    A Home Theatre 

    We often associate home theatres with luxury homes and multi-millionaire dollar mansions. But that doesn’t always have to be the case. If you have a spare room, it can be turned into a home theatre.  

    The main components are a large TV or projector screen and some comfortable recliners. To create a clear image on the screen and an intimate setting, a home theatre room typically does not have any windows. If your room does have windows that you do not wish to remove, plan to get some good blackout curtains or shades to block out light.  

    We also like the idea of custom built-in cabinets to house your TV or projector screen and/or to store media. It keeps everything neat and organized.  

    A home theatre/media room with built-in cabinetry. // Home Stratosphere 

    A Game Room 

    Hide away unsightly game consoles and board game packaging from the overall flow of your home by having a dedicated game room. Lofts and basements are often popular choices for the location of this room. One thing to think about is whether you want the game room to be oriented to kids, adults, or both!  

    kid's gameroom
    A kid-friendly game room featuring built-in shelving (and fun Scrabble wallpaper!) // Wayfair

    A Wine Cellar/Wine-Tasting Room 

    Are you a wine enthusiast? Store your wine in a temperature-controlled space for optimal taste. There are many styles of wine storage. A trendy design for modern homes is glass-encased rooms that showcase your wines as guests walk by. You can also turn the space underneath your staircase into a wine cellar. Or go above and beyond by turning your basement or underground area into a wine cellar. If you have enough space, add a table and chairs and it becomes a wine-tasting room! 

    A ‘Man Cave’ 

    We think it’s a great idea to have a personal space to unwind and escape after a long day’s work. A man cave is where the man of the house can have a space to keep all his belongings (which may include the unsightly reclining chair that he loves, but his wife despises!) Popular spaces to turn into a man cave include the basement or the attic.  

    Those who drink alcohol can include a wet bar and storage for liquor. Invite the buddies over and watch the big game or play a game of pool or darts. You can choose whether to use it as a sanctuary or as a party space.  

    Contrary to most man caves, this one features a light design. // extraspace.com 

    A ‘She Shed’ 

    Just like we approve of the idea of a man cave, she sheds are a terrific way to take advantage of extra space—in this case, in your backyard. Ladies, imagine having a peaceful backyard space to work, read a book, do yoga, or just to relax. You have the creative freedom to decorate it the way you want. Check out some of the beautiful setups below (once again, we think custom built-ins really do take things up a notch!)

    This greenhouse-like She Shed is a plant lover’s dream. // House Beautiful 
    The interior of this She Shed is an art studio and features custom cabinetry. // Backyard Life

    A Glam Room/Walk-in Closet 

    You don’t have to be a Kardashian sister or Paris Hilton to have your own closet room. And walk-in closets aren’t only for women either, as we’ve seen our share of amazing men’s closets and sneaker collection rooms.  

    A very popular and relatively budget-friendly way to achieve and organize this space is with modular storage units such as Ikea’s Pax system or the Container Store’s Elfa collection, which give you the basics. For a more customized look and higher quality materials, the Container Store has a couple of upgraded options called the Avera and Preston collections which include luxury features such as integrated LED lighting and custom closet islands.  

    Likewise, a glam room is a space to do your makeup and to get dressed. Oftentimes, a glam room can be built within the closet room. It’s a fun space to hang out with your girlfriends or your ‘mini me’. A very cool idea especially if you love makeup and have a sizable cosmetics collection.  

    We always recommend checking with a few local custom cabinet or custom closets company to compare pricing and options. That way, you can make sure you are getting the most out of your budget.  

    This glamorous room-turned-closet includes wardrobe space, a sitting area, and a vanity. // Houzz via Taylor Hannah Architect  

    Cabinets Can Go Anywhere  

    Whether you need storage space for your rock collection, art sculptures, or anything in between, the Cabinet Doctors can help. We create custom cabinets that can elevate any space and keep it organized. Contact us for more information!  

    Featured Image Credit: Proven Winners