• 6 On-Trend Powder Room Ideas to Inspire You

  • Powder rooms (a.k.a. half baths) may be small, but they’re big on function. It’s the bathroom that most of your guests use. So if you’re looking to wow your friends and family, it’s a clever idea to have a well-designed powder room. Because of its manageable size, it’s also a great room to start with if you are just dipping your toes into renovations. So let’s begin with the tips and tricks below!  

    Add a Decorative Sink 

    Introduce an artistic element to your powder room by upgrading your sink. Popular styles include vessel and modern pedestal sinks. Vessel sinks come in a variety of different shapes and materials – round, rectangular, glass, marble, and more.  

    There’s more to pedestal sinks than standard white porcelain. Pedestal sinks also come in a variety of interesting shapes and colors. Doesn’t the gold one below look luxurious?  

    Unique Faucets Speak Volumes 

    Ditch that generic stainless steel faucet and make your vanity area stand out. Bathroom faucets come in a variety of shapes and colors to suit your décor style. For example, there are sculptural faucets, faucets with LED lighting (some even change color depending on water temperature), and even faucets made of uncommon materials such as wood and stone. Some faucets do not attach to the vanity like they traditionally do. Look at the faucet below that is suspended from the ceiling! 

    Splurge on the Lighting 

    Make an inviting statement with lighting that resembles a work of art. Break out of the ordinary bathroom lighting and experiment with asymmetry, oversized pieces, and integrated LED lighting. The perfect lighting pulls the entire room together and serves as a focal point.  

    Make it Float 

    A floating vanity adds a modern touch and has the added effect of making the bathroom look bigger because it doesn’t take up any floor space. It opens the eye to a continuous visual line. 

    There is more labor involved in attaching a floating vanity versus one that stands on the floor because your wall needs to support the entire weight of the vanity. It also needs to be attached at the right height and be straight and level. For this reason, it may be more difficult for one person or a DIYer to install a floating vanity, especially if the unit is heavy and large.  

    Those Blank Walls are Canvases 

    Instead of leaving your walls white, you can add texture to it with wallpaper or paneling. Wallpaper these days is much different than what grandma may have in her house—it’s anything but outdated. But the print and craftmanship really matters. It’s what separates a well-wallpapered room from wallpaper that is an eyesore.  

    When choosing patterns, try to go with a simple repeating pattern so that it stands the test of time. Or stay away from repeating patterns altogether and go for a mural.  

    In terms of installation, your existing wall texture cannot be ignored. In other words, do not put wallpaper over a textured wall. Any wallpaper will look cheap instead of luxurious if you do this. Spend the extra money and hire a professional to skim coat your walls. You can try doing it yourself, but we’re warning you that it is more difficult than it looks! 

    If completely smoothing out your walls seems too much, then wall paneling may be for you. It’s more forgiving because of the thick material. It has no problem being installed over a subtle orange peel texture. We also love the 3-dimensional look it gives to walls!  

    And Last but Not Least, A Grand Mirror  

    Mirrors do more than just allow you to see yourself. It also has the power to make a room look bigger. And that’s a major plus for powder rooms, which are typically quite small. Play with the size and embellishments of the mirror. Make it either the background or the focal point. The example on the left below uses the mirror as a backdrop while the one on the right uses an ornate mirror as the focal point.  

    Have Questions? Need Assistance? 

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    Featured Image: via Architecture Art Designs