• Clever Built-In Kitchen Extras You Never Knew You Needed

  • The kitchen is the heart of the home and Americans spend lot of money is towards kitchen renovations. And there’s a good reason for that. A recent survey showed we spend more than 400 hours a year in the kitchen, creating great demand for a highly functional kitchen.  
    If you think your kitchen is a bit ‘cookie cutter’, features can certainly be added to make it more customized and unique. We think the best kinds of features are both aesthetic and practical. Take your kitchen beyond the basics with the ideas below! 

    A Small Appliance Garage 

    Small appliances can quickly clutter up your countertops. But, if you use it often, you probably don’t want to constantly tuck it away in a cabinet when not in use. Well, we have the solution for you—behold the appliance garage! We really don’t have to give much detail as to how this works. We can just let the examples below do the talking.  

    The cover or door of the appliance garage can be made with a few different mechanisms including the pull-down sliding door and hinged door examples shown below. On the left, the storage space is recessed, so when the cover comes down, it looks like a backsplash—truly hidden.  

    And as a bonus, here are a couple examples featuring large bi-fold doors that allow you to see everything you have behind it when open.  

    Keep in mind that certain appliance garage configurations (such as the hidden backsplash design in the first example) may require you to make your counters deeper to accommodate for the design, which will mean less walking space. Therefore, this idea works best for kitchens with space to work with. But we think sacrificing a little floor space is a small price to pay for a clutter-free kitchen! 

    A Built-In Paper Towel Holder  

    Have you ever noticed how we never see paper towel rolls in home design editorials or advertisements, even though they are a kitchen essential for many people? We think it’s because paper towel rolls clutter up the kitchen and take away from a luxury look.  

    This is where the built-in paper towel holder comes in. Paper towel holders are typically installed at the drawer level, as in the examples shown below. We love how the first example has a clear window so guests will know where it is. The second example is a drawer that includes storage space in the back for spare rolls!  

    If you prefer storing the roll higher up, use a design where the bottom of an upper cabinet is kept open to allow for easy access, but the roll itself cannot be seen at eye level. How cool is that?  

    Pull-Out Storage  

    Deep cabinets can be a real chore to manage if you don’t have them organized properly. It gets worse if you have to stoop or kneel to dig through your cookware piles. Pull-out storage allows you to see everything you have and makes grabbing what you need a piece of cake. Read our blog here for more tips on how to organize your kitchen!  

    A Pot Filler  

    Pot fillers are a popular feature in luxury kitchens (Kendall Jenner is obsessed with hers). But good aesthetics is not the only pro of this gadget. It’s functional, too. Imagine not having to carry a water-filled pot to the stove! 

    Water from pot fillers typically flows faster than a traditional sink as well so it will help cut down on your prep time. It’s also great for multi-tasking in case you are using the sink for another purpose.  

    A Glass Rinser   

    Typically found in bars, glass rinsers have made their way into home kitchens. This gadget has powerful water jets that reach hard-to-reach spots and power through residue. All you do is press the glass down to activate the jets. It’s especially helpful for cleaning baby bottles, wine glasses, and glasses that you may have used to drink smoothies. No more soaking or scrubbing. 

    Many models come with covers so you can prevent accidentally pressing it. As far as installation goes, it will fit in the typical sink holes that many countertops come with.  

    Concealed Major Appliances  

    This hidden appliances feature typically requires a great amount of renovation and budget, but it accounts for the ultimate luxury look. It takes the focal point away from your appliances and instead allows the eye to focus on the well-designed kitchen. Look at the example below where the refrigerator and dishwasher are hidden in cabinetry.  

    Have Even More Ideas?  

    If you have a custom idea, then we are all ears! We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to our projects. We present the best designs that are personalized to our clients based on their needs and budget. Contact us to learn more about how we can help design and build your dream kitchen! 

    Featured Image: HGTV via Suk Design Group