• Fall In Love With These 2019 Bathroom Design Trends

  • If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom in 2019, you’ll want to know more about some of the biggest trends designers are following. From vintage, to statement pieces, to creating a space designed for relaxation, get inspired by a few of our favorite ideas.

    Vintage is Back

    Designers are loving vintage decor right now, even in the bathroom. From dramatic mirrors to unique light fixtures, vintage creates a memorable space. Look to combine modern cabinetry with a vintage mirror perhaps, or find a vintage cabinet to use as a vanity.

    Make a Statement with Art

    This year designers are focused on statement art pieces for the home…this includes the bathroom.

    Look for a wall that will allow the art to become the focal point in the room, and then keep other decor simple.

    Beauty and Relaxation First

    2019 bathroom trends have designers looking to spas for inspiration for all things beautiful and relaxing. As homeowners are wanting more “experiential” spaces in their home, the bath has become the ideal place to create serenity and peace. This can also mean making the room larger. Many are looking for ways to declutter the room, or use space from an adjoining room or closet to expand the bathroom area.

    All Things Ceramic

    Ceramics are everywhere in the modern bath. From the shower, the floor, and even the walls, designers are getting creative in the way they use patterns, shapes and techniques such as embossing. Besides ceramics, white and grey marble continue to trend in the bath (kitchens too). Classic and timeless, the 2019 designer take on using marble includes slabs in showers and floors where they hide seams and drains. Terrazzo is also becoming popular. This Italian style has an abundance of colors and will definitely add personality to your bath