• Refreshing Bathroom Design Ideas for 2022

  • In our previous article, we talked about kitchen trends. In this article, we are going to discuss a few bathroom ideas for your next bathroom renovation. This year, we are seeing an eclectic mix of different bathroom trends. Designers and homeowners are really thinking outside the box to achieve form and function. One thing to note is that all the ideas we’ve presented below can be utilized in both small and large spaces.  

    Dark Color Scheme 

    Dark bathrooms evoke richness and luxury. It’s a bold and different step from the typical light-colored bathrooms you find in most homes. It goes seamlessly with modern homes but works well with traditional homes designs as well. The overall look relies greatly on the cabinet style you choose.  

    We think the most aesthetic dark bathrooms have a few light-colored contrasting elements mixed in, be it a light-colored countertop, tub or sink. Not to worry, even though the overall look is still dark, it won’t resemble a bat cave (unless that’s the look you are going for!)  

    Shower Power 

    People want to refresh and wash all their stress away after a long day’s work. Therefore, a luxurious shower experience is necessary for many. It certainly offers instant gratification over a bath, which takes time to set up. 

    Rainhead showers are currently in high demand and can be found in many luxury homes. The liberating feeling of water covering almost the entire body is second to none. Although common in larger homes, a rainhead showerhead can be installed and enjoyed in an average-sized bathroom with a smaller shower space.  

    Then there’s the material of the shower walls. We think a shower made of a patterned solid surface or stone materials undeniably looks and feels more luxurious than a basic white shower surround.  

    Some showers are super-sized and feature double showerheads and are perfect for couples. We’ve even seen walk-in showers, such as the one below, with no glass or doors. Often times, atypical design details like this create a lavish look.  

    Off-Center Sink Placement 

    In our opinion, placing the sink off center allows for more practical counter space. This is because larger items can fit on the counter (which especially holds true with smaller countertops).  

    Visually, there also appears to be more negative space. Even if the measurements are actually equal, your bathroom will look bigger than if you centered the placement of the sink because of the continuous negative space. This trick works especially well with smaller bathrooms where space is most valuable and where we must use illusions to make the space look larger than it really is.  

    Built-In Makeup Vanity Space  

    We think an elegant and practical touch to a bathroom is a built-in makeup vanity space. This is a terrific addition because many prefer doing their makeup in their bathroom versus at a vanity table away from the bathroom. The makeup vanity area allows a stool or chair to stow underneath the counters. It also allows direct access to a water source, which is great for the washing of tools or hands after makeup application, to fix any mistakes, and more. 

    Vintage/Industrial Exposed Fixtures 

    A popular style component for bathrooms is utilizing exposed plumbing and fixtures. You may think this makes the bathroom look cold and sterile, but it actually adds a lot of character when used tastefully. Aside from classic nickel and chrome, there is decorative plumbing that is made-to-be-seen in shades of gold and matte black. You can pair the exposed pipes with a modern faucet for a contemporary, urban-chic look or with a vintage-style faucet for an old-time glam bathroom.  

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    Featured Photo Credit: decorpad.com