• Secondary Spaces for Kitchens

  • Kitchens are said to be the heart of the home. For this reason, homeowners tend to spend the most money on kitchen renovations. Lately, we have noticed a trend to add additional kitchen space around the house to make it even more convenient and suitable for entertaining. Read on to find out more about this trend!    

    A Second Prep Kitchen 

    This has been a popular option in high-end homes. The special term for this is the “dirty kitchen”. The idea is to have a somewhat hidden second kitchen that you actually cook in while leaving the main kitchen pristine. Basically, the main kitchen is there for looks and for entertaining your guests. We think those who have the space and money to have a second kitchen will no doubt be envied by their friends! 

    Spacious prep kitchen and pantry design. // Chairma Design Group


    Next Gen suites (or guest suites) have been popular with new construction, multigenerational homes. Next Gen floorplans include a suite for an older parent and many have the option to add a kitchenette. Kitchenettes are essentially small kitchens that have all the basic appliances needed to cook meals. Kitchenettes can be also added to detached guest houses so guests have an added sense of privacy and their own space. 

    Suite with kitchenette. // denver80238.com

    Wet Bar Area in the Basement or Loft  

    Those who love to entertain will enjoy the idea of a wet bar. People don’t typically cook food in a wet bar; drinks become the star. Prepare your favorite cocktail or serve wine at the desired temperature in this dedicated space. The typical components of a wet bar are wine fridges, compact refrigerators, a small sink, and space to store wine glasses. We would definitely toast to this idea!  

    A wet bar with shelving for liquor. // acmdesignarchitects.com

    Outdoor Kitchens 

    Outdoor living and outdoor entertaining has been in the spotlight these past few years. A feature that stands out about outdoor kitchens? They are made of durable outdoor materials that can withstand the elements. Stainless steel, stone, and concrete are common materials. Outdoor kitchens usually include a grill as the main appliance. Some outdoor kitchens have smokers and even dishwashers built-in for ultimate convenience.  

    An outdoor kitchen will a grill and dishwasher. // topsinlex.com

    A Butler’s Pantry  

    Butler’s pantries have a bit of history to them. They were traditionally used to store fine china, serving ware, and silver ware. Nowadays, a butler’s pantry is used as staging areas for serving meals or as additional storage space. It’s usually located near the dining area or kitchen. You can even add a sink to a butler’s pantry to make it more functional or to turn it into a wet bar. It’s common to find butler’s pantries in luxury or high-end homes.     

    A crisp white butler’s pantry. // elledecor.com

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    Featured Image Credit: designbasics.com