• Your Guide to Creating an Inviting Kitchen for Hosting

  • Last year, many people cut back on entertaining and had a dialed-down holiday season due to COVID-19 regulations. However, the festivities are picking back up this year and many people are able to see their loved ones in person. With the holidays right around the corner, there’s no better time to think about improvements you can make to your kitchen to accommodate your guests! Below are some tips on how you can create an inviting kitchen and dining space perfect for hosting.  

    Maximize Counter Space   

    A cluttered countertop is anything but inviting. Clean your counters and put away things that do not need to be out before your guests arrive. If you have more items in your kitchen than storage space in your cabinets, it may be time to declutter and consider what kitchen gadgets you actually use and what you can give up. Click here for some kitchen organization tips

    In terms of kitchen renovations, some homeowners debate between a kitchen with an island or one with a peninsula. Both add counter space and create a very functional space for guests to gather. However, a peninsula closes off the kitchen and creates a dedicated space with more privacy for the cook. On the other hand, a kitchen island leaves open space on both sides and would be more suitable for cooks who want to actively entertain while cooking. With that said, a peninsula is generally the better choice for a small kitchen. With an island, you need enough space on all sides of the island for foot traffic, but a peninsula eliminates this requirement.  

    Consider Raised Countertops  

    Raised countertops (a.k.a. 2-tier countertops) can be an option for those who like some separation between the work and entertaining areas. With this design, the cook can be working in the kitchen while guests access and enjoy appetizers and drinks at the bar. However, this idea is best for larger islands or peninsulas because a two-tiered design can take away from overall countertop space and you don’t want to end up with an impractical “prep tier” and “dining tier” that are too small or narrow.  

    Add a Wet Bar  

    wet bar (or coffee bar) is ideal for those who love to entertain. This allows for food to be prepped in a separate area while guests enjoy beverages and snacks in another area. A wet bar typically consists of a small sink with a faucet, a wine/beverage fridge, and storage space for drinkware. As for installation locations, we typically see wet bars near the kitchen to allow guests to congregate in the heart of the home. 

    Opt for a Few Showcase Cabinets  

    Showcase cabinets are what we call open-shelving or cabinets with glass doors. This type of storage is perfect for displaying your most beautiful dishware. To avoid making the kitchen look messy, anything you put into this type of shelving should be pretty to look at and match the aesthetic of the rest of your kitchen. Open shelving adds interest and makes the space look more inviting. We find that glass doors also have the effect of making the space look larger and reflect light to make the kitchen sparkle! 

    Top it Off with Good Lighting  

    You should never underestimate the importance of lighting. Poor lighting can make a space look small and gloomy, whereas adequate lighting creates an energetic atmosphere and the illusion of a larger space. Natural light is typically a desire for many homeowners. A home with good natural light in the daytime would require little to no artificial lighting.  

    In terms of artificial lighting, we recommend bright and dimmable lighting as the base lights for the kitchen and dining area. With dimmable lights, you have flexibility to create the perfect ambiance for your guests. Decorative pendant lighting or chandeliers is great to have above the bar/dining areas because it makes beverages and refreshments easy to see. 

    Need More Ideas? Give Us a Call!   

    We have extensive experience in kitchen renovations, big and small. We’re happy to schedule a consultation with you and do a walkthrough of your kitchen. We can then offer our best advice on how you can create the perfect entertainer’s kitchen. Get started by obtaining a free quote!