• Cabinetry Beyond the Kitchen and Bathroom

  • A functional contemporary home office with built-in cabinetry. // HGTV via Claire Paquin

  • We’ve talked a lot about kitchen and bathroom design in these inspiration articles, but let’s not forget that cabinets can be built and installed in other areas of the home as well! Often times, adding the right cabinetry will simultaneously complete look of the space and make it more functional. Below are some ideas on where you can add cabinets around the home! 

    Living Room Cabinets 

    The most popular usage for living room cabinets is to house a television or entertainment center. These units can be made as freestanding/standalone units or as built-ins. Built-ins offer a customized appearance that blends in with their surroundings while standalones can be moved around. They can also be moved out if you want to keep the cabinets when moving into a new home.  

    Credenzas are below waist-height to waist-height cabinets. In the past, credenzas were used merely as decorative pieces. In modern times, they are used in the dining room, the living room, or anywhere extra storage or display space is needed.  

    Bedroom Cabinets 

    Like living room cabinets, bedroom cabinets can also be standalone or built-in. Standalone units typically cost less than built-ins that use the same material. However, built-ins allow you to precisely install cabinets that take up the entire wall (floor-to-ceiling), for a seamless and luxurious look. Additionally, built-ins may be a safer choice for a young child’s bedroom as the furniture is firmly affixed to the wall, so there isn’t the potential hazard of furniture tip-over.  

    Bedroom cabinets typically include a wardrobe or dresser for clothing and/or space to hold a television. Cabinets can be made with doors (typical for wardrobes), no doors, or a combination of both.  

    Cabinets for the Home Office  

    Nowadays, more people have been working from home. As a result, there has been an increase in home office customizations. Those who do not have a home office yet, are converting rooms into home offices. Depending on your storage needs, your office can include units with shelving for books and/or drawers for documents. Many built-in cabinetry setups also include desk space. For those who need a lot of storage space, all four walls can be outfitted with cabinetry.  

    Walk-in Closets 

    The phrase “dream closet” will stand out for those who love fashion and have a large apparel and accessories collection. Nationwide home companies such as Ikea and The Container Store have been making closet system installation easier and more affordable, especially for those who don’t mind some D.I.Y. Ikea’s Pax system has been tremendously popular and is being used by many fashion vloggers on YouTube. The Container Store’s Elfa system is a great starter for a built-in wardrobe as well.  

    However, for people who have a bigger budget, crave higher-end finishes, and a more luxurious look (i.e. one complete with a closet island), reaching out to a specialty luxury closet maker is the way to go. They can help you plan out your space to perfectly meet your storage needs and aesthetic taste. Installation time can take as little as two days, depending on the size of the room and the cabinetry chosen.  

    Hallways & Dead Spaces 

    Those nooks, crannies, and odd spaces in your home will become more functional with added cabinetry. Open hallway storage (example) would be perfect for displaying decorative objects. Closed hallway cabinetry (example) would be ideal for linens or any other supplies that you would like to be more accessible inside the main areas of the home and not want to store in your garage. 

    Garage Cabinetry 

    While the idea of a dream closet may be more popular with women, the garage is one area many men would want a say in. The main purpose of garage cabinetry is to store tools and other home maintenance supplies. For this reason, garage cabinetry usually takes on a more rugged, industrial appearance, with metal or sleek wood cabinetry being popular choices. Durability is especially important with this type of cabinetry as heavy power tools and weighty items often rest upon or inside. 

    Other Spaces 

    Cabinetry can be installed in additional spaces around the home such as the laundry roomcraft room, or wine cellarAsk a cabinet installation professional for advice on layout in order to make the setup functional for you! 

    Need Cabinets Installed?  

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